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Popping Candy Strawberry

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Strawberry Crackle Crystals Popping Candy (Available in 100g and 250g)

One of the best things about cooking for yourself is choosing recipes that seem like they might be fun, and anything that contains crackle crystals popping candy is guaranteed to be good. Popping candy is such a unique sensation, that working out how to use it can be confusing, but there are plenty of recipes to help inspire you.


How are strawberry crackle crystals popping candy made?

Pop rocks were originally conceived when two chemists were working for General Foods on a formula for an instant fizzy drink. They wanted to create a pill that could be dropped into water to create a sparkling soda, and it was with this goal in mind that they carbonated hot sugar under pressure before cooling it quickly and breaking up the resultant crystal. 


The result was not quite the product they had been going for and General Foods were not eager to put out the product that they had come up with, so it was around twenty years after the initial discovery of the effects of popping candy that it was first sold as a confection. 


The sensation of the tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide bursting was interesting to sweet lovers, but there was not yet enough demand to make it worth producing. Only a few years after first going into production, the original popping candy was taken off the market. A couple of decades later, popping candy has been welcomed back, although there have been numerous different names over the years including pop rocks, space dust, wiz fizz and magic gum.  


Now that crackle crystals are here to stay, innovative chefs are finding new ways to incorporate this tongue-tingling ingredient into their dishes and there are more and more confections available with popping candy than ever before. 


Strawberry crackle crystals popping candy in drinks

Strawberry crackle crystals are coated in a flavourless cocoa butter which means that they do not melt until they are eaten. This means that they are ideal in drinks as well as in food, Dust the rim of a glass with strawberry crackle crystals before pouring in a freshly-made strawberry daiquiri for a truly sensational experience. Or add a sprinkling of crystals to a strawberry margarita as you serve it and let the combination of sweet, tart and sour change the way you think of cocktails.


A hot chocolate bomb is an indulgent treat, but making your own pop rocks bomb is a great way to experiment with these sweet and delicious show-stoppers. You can use ready-made chocolate shells or make your own using a silicone mould, then add as many marshmallows, strawberry milk powder and crackle crystals as you can before sealing them up with a little more melted chocolate. The bombs can then be placed in a glass or mug and covered with hot milk to make a frothy, fizzing strawberry treat that emerges as the chocolate melts. 


Strawberry crackle crystals can also be added to traditional desserts to give them some zing. Try livening up an Eton mess by adding popping candy to the whipped cream as you fold in the strawberries. The combination of fresh ingredients and the unparalleled texture sensation of popping crystals makes for a completely new twist on a familiar favourite.


This is an ingredient that livens up any dish, so you can use crackle crystals to make a simple bowl of ice cream that little bit more special, or use them as sprinkles on a cake or biscuit. For a truly explosive experience, you can secrete popping candy inside a cupcake, cover it with icing and let the taste speak for itself. 

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