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Popping Candy Tutti Frutti

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Tutti Frutti Crackle Crystals Popping Candy (Available in 100g and 250g)

Confectionery is one area of food innovation where the focus is primarily on fun. While there may be plenty of ways to improve the texture and consistency of a particular product, some of the science behind our favourite sweet treats is truly impressive. 


It is hard to imagine that the relative austerity of the 1950s was a time when food scientists were making perhaps one of the most entertaining food-based discoveries in years. Chemists Leon T Kremzer and William A Mitchell were working for General Foods on a project to create an instant fizzy drink that would be created simply by dropping a tablet into a glass of water.


The appeal of carbonated drinks was becoming apparent, and General Foods wanted to capitalise on the trend by coming up with a new and innovative way to sell and serve sodas. In an attempt to create this magical drink, the scientists experimented with carbonating molten sugar under pressure, then cooling the mixture rapidly. This trapped high-pressure bubbles of gas in the sugar crystals, and it is those that are released when they are exposed to moisture, creating the crackling and popping sensation that has made popping candy a global sensation.


Popping candy wasnt an instant hit, however, as the popping candy created was not the goal of the project, so it was another 15 years before General Foods recognised the potential of the confection that Mitchell and Kremzer had created. Even then, once it was placed in stores, the public appetite for the unusual fizzing powder wasnt enough to keep it on the shelves. But you cannot keep a fun product like this away from children for long, and it was only a matter of years before popping candy finally gained the recognition it deserved and became a staple of any confectionery aisle. 


How to use tutti frutti crackle crystals popping candy

As well as a delicious confection that can be eaten on its own, tutti frutti crackle crystals popping candy can be added to a variety of dishes and desserts to give them a completely new twist. From cheesecakes to trifles, there arent many dishes that cant be improved with the addition of a little crackle. 


Simply sprinkling popping candy over your favourite dessert will not only change the flavour but also make for a totally novel experience when it comes to eating it. These crackle crystals are covered with a flavourless cocoa butter which prevents them from being activated until they are in your mouth, so they can be included in a variety of recipes while still retaining their special secret until they are eaten.


They make the perfect decoration for biscuits and cakes and can be added to any recipe at the final stages to create a spectacular look and an even more impressive effect. You can even make surprise crackle crystals cakes by scooping out a hollow in the top of a cake, filling it with popping candy and then covering it with icing so that the secret isnt revealed until the cake is eaten. These crackling treats are perfect for fireworks night and any other celebration that you want to go with a bang.


Whether you are looking for a new way to serve an old favourite, or just want to try something completely different, this tutti frutti crackle crystals popping candy is an excellent way to liven up any sweet treat or dessert.

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    GMO Free
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    Halal Friendly
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  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, Glucose, Cocoa Butter, LACTOSE (MILK), Tutti Frutti Flavouring, Carbon Dioxide (E290).
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    per 100g
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    Special Ingredients
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