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Preservatives and Shelf Life Enhancers

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Order Natural Preservatives For Food Online


Preservatives or shelf life enhancers refer to a wide variety of compounds that help to slow or prevent bacterial growth on food. While preservatives can be synthetic, we only provide natural preservatives for food in our online shop. 


Our natural preservatives for food help protect items from spoilage, helping to keep your food fresh for longer. Preservatives for food include potassium sorbate, sodium citrate, sunflower lecithin, tartaric acid and vegetable glycerine - all natural.


The great thing about preservatives is that their qualities often overlap with others, meaning certain preservatives can also be used for flavour enhancing, emulsifying and even texture enhancing. 

Next-Day UK Delivery on Natural Food Preservatives For Food


Not only do our natural food preservatives stop harmful bacteria growth on your food items, but they also come with next-day UK delivery. So our preservatives can be at your door within the very next working day. 


If you’re looking for more ‘special ingredients’, we provide more than just preservatives for food. Browse our selection of bulking agents, thickening agents, popping candy and baking utensils.


Order preservatives online today and help your food to stay fresh for longer.