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Pro Cream Whipper 1/4L - Red - Metal Head

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Product Description
Red cream whipped (0.25 L) with metal dispensing head.

This dispenser is compatible with all major brands of whipped cream chargers and is easy to use.

Simply add the liquid you wish to aerate with Nitrous Oxide – this will usually be cream – screw on the metal head and the charger with a single 8gm cream charger. The gas is then dissolved into the cream whilst still being contained within the body of the dispenser. It can be stored in the pressurised state for some time – and the pressurization process will actually improve the useable life of the cream because the N2O gas from the whipped cream charger actually has a sterilising effect upon the cream –so you can expect it to last up to 10 days in the fridge. Whenever you need to use the cream, simply dispense it from the nozzle. Making whipped cream really is as simple as that! The cream you get our will be up to three times the volume of what you put in – making it much lighter than when made by hand using a whisk.

The small size of this dispenser (0.25L) makes it great for packing into a picnic hamper to take away with you.
This product is only intended for use with warm or cold (not hot) ingredients so is unsuitable for many mousses or espuma. Intended only for home or light commercial use for professional catering use we stock the “Professional Stainless Steel” dispenser.

This item does not contain cream chargers – which are sold separately | Only for 8gm (not 16gm) Chargers | Handwash only

  • Red, 0.25 L dispenser bottle
  • Metal  Dispensing head
  • Steel moving parts
  • Washable silicone gaskets
  • Increases volume of cream by factor of three
  • Not for use with 16gm N2O refills
  • Wash with sopay water
  • Includes Cleaning brush
  • Two different nozzles included
  • Small size (230mm)

OVER 18's ONLY - This product is not for sale to under 18's.
MISUSE - We will refuse to sell to you if we suspect you intend to misuse our products.

Lemon and Raspberry Syllabubs
Syllabubs are popular creamy desserts which always go down well for any occasion.  This traditional English dessert originates from the sixteenth century when the basic form was first produced which consisted of milk and alcohol – the original form well and truly pre-dates the use of cream chargers for making desserts but our recipe brings it up to date.
Rich milk or cream is the basis for this dessert which is sweetened with sugar and has the inclusion of wine too.  Combined with the use of fresh fruit, it is often pleasing to the palate especially after a heavy main course.
You will need the following ingredients:
450 grammes raspberries
200 ml medium white wine
1 lemon (use fine rind and juice only)
45 ml caster sugar
300 ml whipped cream
Put the raspberries in a bowl and add the sugar, wine and lemon.  Mix together and leave to infuse for about two hours.
Place the raspberries into appropriate dessert glasses and strain the liquid in to a bowl.  Add the liquid to the whipped cream and stir all together.  You will find that by having a whipped cream dispenser will benefit this dish immensely.  First, just screw the cream chargers in to aerate the cream and to ensure the consistency is just right.  Then spoon the mixture over the raspberries and chill for about two hours.  Decorate with the lemon rind and add more whipped cream to suit taste preference.
For an alternative fruit to raspberries, use either small strawberries or redcurrants as a delightful change.
Another version of syllabub albeit an alcoholic one is Tia Maria Syllabub and the recipe is given below. Mix 300 ml of whipped cream with 65 grammes of caster sugar until it is thick enough to form its shape on the whisk.  Take a lemon and grate the rind and obtain the juice as well.  This should be combined with 50 ml of Tia Maria or any other coffee liqueur.  Next whisk the lemon and liqueur with the cream by putting a small amount at a time.  As soon as this has been completely mixed in ensure that it is of a thick texture.  Then spoon into appropriate dessert glasses.  Decorations can be added accordingly. You can even add the Tia Maria to the cream before pouring into the dispenser and screwing in the N2O cream charger.
So whatever occasion a dessert is required, a syllabub can produce the right touch to any meal.
However, there is no doubt that the essential kitchen appliance for any dessert is the whipped cream dispenser which is always on hand for the maximum usage.  No dessert should be without extra portions of whipped cream.

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If we suspect you intend to misuse our products the Cheeky Monkey will refuse to sell to you.

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