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Pro Whip + Cream Chargers


Professional Cream Chargers With 8.2g

Wanting more from your whipped cream chargers? Look no further than the brand-new addition to Pro Whip cream chargers - Pro Whip +. The new brand is filled up to 8.4g of the highest quality, culinary grade N2O as opposed to the industry standard of 8g (that sometimes turns out to be 7.5g) - up to 10% more N2O!

When compared to other brands such as Mosa and Liss that can only fit in 8g, Pro Whip + is the obvious choice to all your large-scale whipping needs. Available in all the standard quantities, 24, 96, 240, all the way up to wholesale values of 360 and 600.

The Pro Whip + 8.2g cream chargers are the perfect companions to your whipped cream dispenser to add something a little extra to your coffees, hot chocolates and desserts. Compatible with all cream dispenser brands including Mosa, Liss, Kayser, iSi, Kinky Cream, Best Whip & ICO.

8.2g of Pure Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide

Pro Whip + deliver outstanding value for money, 100% recyclable, high-grade brushed steel chargers with 8.2g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide. A more seamless solution to your whipping needs, achieving much better results for your creative cooking creations. We guarantee no duds, no leakages, no oily residue and definitely no sour aftertaste. 

And if you really want to take your kitchen antics to the next level, invest in a range of flavouring syrups from prestigious brands such as Monin and Sweetbird.

Order before 5:30 pm and receive your Pro Whip + 8.2g cream charger the very next working day. It really is that easy. What are you waiting for? Order online today to receive yours today.