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Pro Whip Barista Cream Whipper 500ml

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0.5 Litre Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

For use with 8gm Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers

This is the whipped cream dispenser we recommend to our trade customers who operate small cafes. The stainless steel whipping system is extremely well-constructed from tough, durable stainless steel.

The advantage of the stainless steel whipper is that it will make it easier for you to comply with FSA guidelines. The dispenser and head will both completely disassemble allowing you to strip it down for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe so automatic cleaning is possible. All parts can be individually replaced if required.

For non-commercial customers - If you love the feeling of cold steel in the palm of your hand then you will struggle to keep your fingers from pulling the trigger on this beauty. In a split second youll be able to turn produce one and a half litres of cream and whip yourself into a frenzy of soft cream and shiny steel.

If you are intending to make any foams, mousses or espuma that require the injection of nitrous oxide into hot ingredients then this is the best option. Warm or hot ingredients can be combined in the body of the dispenser, the heatproof silicone seals will make an airtight seal when you replace the steel head and screw in the nitrous oxide chargers. The products can then be dispensed whilst it is still warm this is essential for many of the molecular cuisine recipes.

  • Head, dispenser, gaskets and charger holder are all dishwasher safe
  • Can be stripped for easy-clean
  • HCAPP compliant stainless steel
  • Suitable for hot ingredients
  • Gaskets suitable for any temperature
  • Replaceable Silicone Seals
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Variety of Nozzles included
  • A PDF on instructions can be downloaded here

Variety is the Answer
For the average family, keeping meals interesting is a task that most parents struggle with. Today the word boring is used frequently by young children and if their food does not appeal to them, then they can become unruly and the fact is that a happy child at meal time makes for a more tranquil meal. There is one way to ensure that a young offspring eats all that is good for them and that is by showing them that when the main course is eaten, the dessert that follows will be all that they have dreamt of. Although you have to be 18 to buy cream chargers (due to the nitrous oxide content) there is no age restriction on using them correctly. So why not get you kids to help you load the cream chargers and dispense the whipped cream?

It is not only children that can be persuaded to eat their vegetables and if they do their next course will cater for the sweetest of tastes. A main meal can take hours to prepare and cook but an impressive looking dessert can be put together in a reasonably short time and the alternatives that are available are endless. By using ingredients in different ways, a variation of desserts can be achieved for each day of the week.
The use of whipped cream in a number of different ways can add alternative options for any meal and taking advantage of a whipped cream dispenser and chargers can considerably reduce the time spent in the kitchen. With a little imagination, whipped cream added to any second course can enhance the taste buds of those sitting around your table.
For example, pancakes on their own can become pretty tasteless so a number of toppings are used such as fruit, jams or syrups.  Just imagine these toppings on top of a pancake that has a layer of whipped cream as well. It is common knowledge that if a meal looks good then it generally tastes good so, with this in mind, whipped cream on a pancake with a layer of colourful fruit like strawberries and a few slices of kiwi arranged on top. This will add colour to any table and make the mouths of those sitting around it, water with anticipation.
Pancakes are a simple dessert; just think what can be put together with the use of a whipped cream dispenser and vivid imagination. There are many recipes that are on hand to provide an array of dishes to try out. Hot drinks, trifles, gateaux, syllabubs and many more, can all be improved by adding whipped cream. Even the average sponge can be made to look a lot more appetising by incorporating a layer of whipped cream whether it is spread on, or for the more ambitious, piped on forming a specific pattern.  If your intention is to spread the whipped cream either thicken it with sugar before using the cream chargers or use a slightly heavier grade of cream than you would normally consider.

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