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Pro Whip Classic Whipper 500ml Red With Metal Head

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0.5L Whipped Cream Dispenser (Red)

Metal Head | 0.5L Volume | Red Colour
For experienced or novice cream makers this half-litre whipped cream dispenser will produce great results. The metal whipper head looks good and is much more hard-wearing component than its plastic counterparts. The size (1/2 litre) is ideal for larger families or for functions it is also very versatile and does not need to be completely filled in order to create beautiful whipped cream.
The cream whipper and all of its component parts can be stripped for easy-cleaning. The gaskets and other parts are replaceable.
To use the cream whipper you will need a source of disposable nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers. The standard size (8gm) and the correct fit (push not screw) of charger will work with this product, regardless of the brand. Do not attempt to operate this using 16gm chargers because there is a risk of fracturing the pressure vessel.
To make whipped cream you simply need to pour the required volume of liquid into the flask, or body of the dispenser and then secure the metal head tightly. The liquid is then ready to be charged with nitrous oxide this is achieved by placing a single cream charger into the charger holder and screwing it down this allows the controlled release of the pressurized N2O gas. The gas wil combine with the cream in the body of the dispenser and will only expand fully when the whipped cream is released.
This dispenser is suitable or plain or flavoured preparations of whipped cream but should not be used with hot or warm ingredients. If it is your intention to make hot foaming sauces then we recommend one of our professional grade cream whippers. This product will serve you well at home, but is not intended for professional catering purposes.
  • Use only disposable 8gm cream chargers
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand wash only
  • 0.5L capacity
  • Produces 3 pints of whipped cream
  • Replaceable parts
  • Heat resistant silicone seals
  • Airtight pressure seals
  • size:  99(L) x 99(W) x 329(H) mm
Safety: when fully charged do not expose to heat

As soon as you whipped cream dispenser arrives in the post - you'll need to try it out so here is a little idea that might inspire you.

Fresh Fruit Salad
As the pace of life in these modern times continues to increase, much more pressure is put on parents. For any parent ensuring that their children maintain healthy eating habits, this can be an ongoing battle and coupled with the endless tasks that have to be addressed can be virtually impossible. This is the reason that many fast food outlets continue to flourish in some cases, ensuring that less time is spent in the kitchen. The alternative to this is to have labour and time saving devices at hand to help with time management.
The coaxing of children into the habits of eating properly can be made easier by offering them a simple dessert that can look extremely attractive to a young eye. All children love whipped cream and one of the most essential additions to any modern kitchen is a whipped cream dispenser combined with a whipped cream chargers that can produce light and fluffy cream in very little time. The sight of an enticing whipped cream dessert would make any child want to finish their main course with little hesitation.
So why not give the oven a rest and put together a fresh fruit salad, this will take about ten minutes to prepare and with its array of colours will make the most fussy of eaters eager with anticipation. This will bring a whole new meaning to the statement that we initially eat with our eyes. The preparation is as follows.
One pound of strawberries washed and halved
Five and a half ounces of raspberries
Three and a half ounces of blackberries
Three and a half ounces of blueberries
Three and a half ounces of redcurrants mixed with blackcurrants; washed and stalks removed
Two passion fruit
One tablespoon of caster sugar
The juice from half a lime or lemon
The fruit should be mixed together minus the passion fruit. The passion fruit should be cut in half and the seeds and juice should be put through a sieve over the bowl of fruit. The sugar and lemon or lime juice should then be added and the fruit should be left to chill for a short time.
There can be many variations to this dessert depending upon the time of year and availability. Peaches can be used, apricots, apple or banana - it all depends on taste and season.
When the dessert has been left to chill for a short time it can be served and this eye catching creation can be given the ultimate addition of a whipped cream topping. So it is time to make use of the whipped cream dispenser and chargers to add this final touch. The only problem that will be experienced at the table will be who has the most and who will finish any leftovers?
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    Not Dishwasher Safe
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    Cold Uses Only
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    Pro Whip
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