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Pro Whip Cream Chargers


Discover Pro Whip Cream Chargers At Great Prices

Pro Whip cream chargers offer a cost-effective whipped cream charger that doesn't sacrifice on quality. The chargers are perfect for use on desserts, pastries and coffee, consistently delivering high-quality results. 

Pro Whip is an established brand that can be relied on for producing great results.  

Our Pro Whip cream chargers work perfectly with a range of cream whippers including the iSi 0.5L Profi Cream Dispenser, Black Metal Head Whipper and our Professional Stainless Steel 1L

Create Tasty Whipped Cream With Pro Whip

ProWhip cream chargers are made from high-grade brushed aluminium and contain 8 grams of pure N2O. Each canister is able to produce a half a litre of whipped cream, or creamy ingredients. 

The low-cost cartridges are able to convert ordinary whipping cream more effectively than mechanical whipping, yielding better results for your food and drink creations. 

Pro Whip cream chargers have a long history in the hospitality and catering industry, and as such have years of experience providing amazing results. Alongside the likes of iSi, Mosa and Liss, Pro Whip cream chargers deliver the added flavour and value you've been looking for.

From levelling up your morning coffees and hot chocolates to creating dazzling desserts, get more out of your cooking with Pro Whip.

Explore Our Pro Whip Cream Charger Quantities   

Pro Whip cream chargers are available in many different quantities from 48, 96, 120, 192 and more - so you can get your hands on the quantity that works best for you. We even provide wholesale quantities, in 360 and 600!

Discover the great quality Pro Whip cream chargers have to offer, experience the results for yourself.