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Rectangle Silicone Mould 17cm x 29.5cm

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Silicone 12 Rectangle Mould

The introduction of silicone into the kitchen has been one of the most revolutionary things to happen to both equipment and utensils in recent years. The super flexible substance has all the qualities you want from your cookware and this 12 rectangle mould is no exception. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen as it makes it a lot easier to create confections, baked goods and jellies in satisfyingly geometric shapes.


Silicone is strong and flexible, so its ideal for making delicate dishes like terrines and jellies. The silicone is shaped to make a perfectly geometric cuboid, but the silicone is soft and flexible enough to be able to turn each creation out gently and without damaging them. You can make everything from rice crispie bricks to use for structural cake support, to flavoured jellies packed with fruit, these moulds will release your food easily and cleanly.


Silicone is also heat resistant and can be used at extreme temperatures, from the top end of your oven settings to the deepest of deep freezes. This makes this mould suitable for all kinds of individual cakes and puddings as it can go into the oven and withstand baking at high temperatures. It can also be frozen so you can use it to make individual ice cream portions, layered cream cakes or even cheesecakes.


Any chef will appreciate the easy-to-clean nature of this silicone mould. Because it is non-stick, silicone can usually be cleaned with a quick wash in soapy water but it is also dishwasher safe to make it even easier to keep clean. Silicone is non-absorbent, so it will not get infused with the smells and flavours of other dishes, meaning you only need one of these for everything you might want to cook in it. You can make savoury Spanish omelettes in it one day, then bake a delicately flavoured cake the next and the silicone will not transfer flavours or colouring.


Other uses for a silicone 12 rectangle mould

Silicone is so strong and pliable that it can be used for moulding a variety of substances. You can make mini rectangular pastry cases to fill and make into tiny pies. You can add traditional fillings such as ham and leek or chicken and bacon, or you can make a sweet treat with a fruit filling such as apple or cherry. Sweet or savoury, a mini pie can be a fun take on an old favourite or a delicious new dish designed to impress.


You can also use this mould to make mini loaves of bread, simply by using your regular bread dough in the cavities. This works for savoury breads, which you can prove in the silicone mould as it can withstand moisture for long periods without corroding or breaking down. It can also be used for sweet breads such as fruit loaves and banana bread which can be cooked in the moulds to make individual loaves.


You can even use this Silicone 12 Rectangle Mould to make ice, giving you large cubes that will melt slowly and are ideal for cooling drinks such as punches, sangria and cocktails. Whiskey fans will love how slowly a large chunk of ice melts, meaning that they can enjoy perfectly chilled whiskey without it getting too diluted by the melting ice. 


This mould has 12 large rectangular cavities that are perfect for making anything that you wan to in a cuboid. Your imagination is the limit, so you can make anything from giant marshmallows to savoury jellies in these moulds and you can be confident that whatever you make will slide out easily and look fantastic. 

  • Material:
    Food Grade Silicone
  • Cleaning:
    Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Capability:
    Suitable for oven use - 300°c
  • EAN:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
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