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Simply Frappe


Simply Frappé Powders Online


Simply frappé powders provide you with everything you need to make a lovely smooth drink that your customers, friends and family will love. The Simply frappé mixes are available for both commercial and residential use and are also available either in single values or wholesale quantities. 


Frappés in recent years have grown and grown in popularity. Simply frappé mixes make an exciting alternative to milkshakes and smoothies - a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day.


Making a frappé has never been easier, make delicious cafe-style frappés in the comfort of your own home. Add Simply frappé mix powder to a cup, add ice and milk and transfer to a blender, blend and there you go! A delicious, silky Simply frappé. 


Simply Frappé Mixes Flavour Range


Simply frappé mixes provide our largest range of frappé powder flavours we have available. With classics such as vanilla, toffee, coffee and mocha to more out-there flavours in spiced chai, white chocolate and cookies - Simply frappé mixes have the perfect flavour just waiting for you.


As well as Simply frappe mixes, Simply provide just as scrumptious hot chocolate, flavoured syrups and iced tea syrups.


Discover the silky-smooth taste of Simply frappé powder all with next-day delivery.