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Simply Granita Powders

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Enjoy Simply by Italian Beverage Company’s (IBC) Granita Powder Range

Simply by Italian Beverage Company or (IBC) are a global name that stands up to the likes of Monin and Sweetbird. Italian Beverage Company was founded all the way back in 1992 and it now available across 45 countries worldwide. Simply's extensive product range doesn't just include syrups with milkshake mixes, Simply chai and beverage dessert topping sauces now available.

Simply has expanded its extensive range to include refreshing granita mixes. Granita can be used in a variety of tasty beverages and desserts such as slushies or even cocktails. Available in 600g or 1.25kg and delicious granita flavours such as lime, lemon, strawberry, and even watermelon. Available at Taste Revolution at the best prices and next day delivery available.