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Small Silicone Mould 8cm x 11cm

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Small 6 Hemisphere Silicone Mould

Making food in a mould is always satisfying, and this hemisphere silicone mould can be used to make all kinds of amazing looking food. Either as individual hemispheres or stuck together to make tasty spheres, this mould is a really easy way to make impressive-looking dishes really easily. 


The smooth silicone is ideal for making delicate morsels that slide out cleanly and easily from the non-stick surface. The food-grade silicone is flexible enough that you can give it a gentle push from the bottom in order to ease out the contents. 


Silicone is also heatproof, so it is ideal for use when making confectionery as it can withstand the heat of molten sugar. This mould can be used to make hard sweets using melted sugar, and to melt other sweets into new shapes for decorating cakes or biscuits. 


This versatile silicone mould can be frozen too, so it works for making cold desserts, such as chocolate-coated ice cream balls, or strawberry semifreddo. They are ideal for making chocolate cups that can be stuffed with a variety of fillings from a scoop of peanut butter to smooth ganache or even just a squirt of cream and some sprinkles. 


What to make in Small 6 Hemisphere Silicone Mould

A silicone mould works well when making sweets such as petits fours they are the ideal size for a single sweet and the shape makes any treat look amazing. You can make traditional favourites such as Florentines. chocolate truffles, coconut ice or peppermint creams. Or you could try some of the more adventurous options such as rose flavoured truffles or goats cheese ganache. 


This mould works brilliantly for jellies as well, from traditional fruit jellies to much firmer types such as Turkish delight or fruit gums. Molecular gastronomists can use these moulds to form gels using the techniques of spherification and reverse spherification to create interesting shapes from a range of different liquids such as soy sauce, gravy, miso or any other type of sauce. 


You can also make hot chocolate bombs by brushing or pouring a thin layer of chocolate into each cavity and allowing it to set hard, chilling if required. Fill one hemisphere with hot chocolate powder, stick another to it using a little melted chocolate and then chill the whole thing until it has set hard. When hot water is added, the outer shell melts away and is mixed in with the hot chocolate for a rich and luxurious winter warmer.  


Because the silicone is so versatile, you can blind bake pastry in the bottom of the moulds, then add a frozen mousse topping and the mould will withstand the full range of temperatures and keep its contents perfectly shaped. 


This mould can be used for baking and small hemispherical cakes that can be joined together with buttercream or a chocolate coating to make cake pops. You can add fillings such as jam, buttercream, fudge, or chocolate and you can add sprinkles to the finished product to make spectacular looking cakes for any occasion. 


If you have any left over, or if you just want to make hemispherical cakes, they can be used as decoration on larger cakes, as embellishments on a variety of other desserts or even as large sprinkles on top of a scoop of ice cream. You can make bite-sized muffins, tiny jam tarts and almost any other traditional tea-time treat in miniature using this mould.  


This hemisphere silicone mould is a practical addition to any kitchen as it provides a means to make almost anything into a fun shape. 

  • Material:
    Food Grade Silicone
  • Cleaning:
    Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Capability:
    Suitable for oven use - 300°c
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  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
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