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Smoothie Mixes


Smoothie Mixes For Sale Online

Our range of smoothie mixes are the perfect means to create smoothies on demand that your customers will love. Packed with delicious fruity flavours and nutritional value - our smoothie mixes complement anything they are added to. 


In beautifully exotic flavours such as strawberry and mango, our smoothie mixes are the ideal addition to popular drinks such as cocktails and are suitable for both home use and restaurants, bars and other catering establishments.


From the same household named brand that produces powerful flavoured syrups, cocktail purees and frappe mixes, Simply has introduced the welcomed addition of decadent smoothie mixes to the mix.


Smoothie Mixes with UK Next-Day Delivery


All of our products come with the added benefit of next day delivery, and our simply smooth smoothie mixes are no exception.

As well as smoothie mixes we provide a wondrous range of drink ingredients and mixers from well-known brands for distribution across the UK. From coffee, frappe mixes and hot chocolate to iced tea, bitters and sours and so much more.