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Soda Cartridges


Soda Syphon Cartridges


Soda Syphon Cartridges also more commonly known as ‘CO2 Cartridges’ are the replacement cartridges for your Soda Syphon to ensure the fun never stops. With a vast range of Soda Syphon Cartridges available at Taste Revolution, it’s easier than ever to make fizzy drinks on demand.


The Soda Syphon Cartridges sold at Taste Revolution are compatible with all Soda Syphons that use the universal system, these include premium brands such as Liss, iSi and Mosa.


Purchase Replacement Soda Syphon Cartridges Online


Soda Syphon Cartridges should not be confused with N2O Cream Canisters. These products serve very much different purposes and should not be swapped and changed - the gases have specific qualities that make them suitable for that specific use.

Get more out of your drinks with our Soda Syphon Cartridges, designed to turn everyday drinks into something a little more exciting. Explore our range of Soda Syphon Cartridges online, and if you order before 5.30pm your order will be eligible for next day delivery.