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Soda Syphon and CO2

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50 CO2 Chargers
isi Soda Syphon - black
isi Soda Syphon - red
isi Soda Syphon - silver

 A soda syphon adds a degree of retro sophistication to any event with a squirt of seltser from your soda syphon:

Any drink can be improved by the addition of a bit of fizz.

We are partial to fizzy chilled vodka here at Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers - and after a few slugs of that then we quite like to squirt carbonated water at small animals.

A gush of soda out of one of these syphons directed at a dog is fun because they open their mouth to catch it - some obscure residual instinct from before man had learned to walk on two legs and dogs ruled the earth. The four legged beasts roamed the savanna only stopping to pause at soda bars for a bit of fun and a cocktail.

Don't be wet and flat - get a sparkle on with Cheeky Monkey soda syphon. Those little bubbles of Carbon Dioxide gas are what makes it all worth while. Fizz up your cocktails and sparkle up your world.

Even normal tap water is drastically improved when it's been pumped up with gas.

Sparklets and flavourings too...

It is also sad to think that drinks could be uncarbonated and flat.

You pays your money and takes your choices.

Carbon Dioxide gas is only slightly soluble in water - which is why it likes to bubble out again. It is also acidic so even water gets a bit tangy when you have soda syphoned it.

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