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Soda Syphons

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isi Soda Syphon - silver

isi Soda Syphon - silver

Silver Soda Syphon. Special Shiny Super Silver Soda Syphon - Get fizzy, with this soda syphon - put some sparkle into your life - don't be all flat and flaccid. The CO2 powered fizz maker will a new dimension to your drinks… Using it is as simple as switching on a tap – and once it is charged with CO2 then it will be ready to go whenever you need it – you do no need to use instantly. The fizzy water made with a soda syphon contains more than just bubbles – the cartridge of carbon dioxide also imparts a subtle, tangy flavour. You can drink straight, over ice or with any number of flavourings and cordials. Below we have recipe for cream soda and another one for a Tom Collins – that would be one for the kids and one for the grown-ups but you can decide who gets which! Info: Simple to operate Easy to clean Not to washed in mechanical dishwasher Very, very shiny red Retrotastic Suitable for 8gm CO2 chargers Chargers are single use and disposable Disposable, single use cylinders of gas (gm) are sold separately

iSi Twist 'N' Sparkle Soda Syphon

iSi Twist 'N' Sparkle Soda Syphon

With your favorite fruits or herbs and a portion of inspiration, exciting cocktails, colorful drinks or simply bubbly fresh soda are created with the Twist 'N' Sparkle


 A soda syphon adds a degree of retro sophistication to any event with a squirt of seltser from your soda syphon:

Any drink can be improved by the addition of a bit of fizz.

Don't be wet and flat - get a sparkle on with Cheeky Monkey soda syphon. Those little bubbles of Carbon Dioxide gas are what makes it all worth while. Fizz up your cocktails and sparkle up your world.

Even normal tap water is drastically improved when it's been pumped up with gas.

Sparklets and flavourings too...

It is also sad to think that drinks could be uncarbonated and flat.

You pays your money and takes your choices.

Carbon Dioxide gas is only slightly soluble in water - which is why it likes to bubble out again. It is also acidic so even water gets a bit tangy when you have soda syphoned it.

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