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Agar Agar
Vegi Gel 100g

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As the global trend of molecular gastronomy has continued to grow, as has the illustrious ‘Special Ingredients’. Molecular gastronomy ingredients give a whole new dimension to cooking and baking - perfect for cafes, restaurants, bars and even your own home. Browse our selective range of special ingredients to turn your cooking on its head. 


From food stabilisers and emulsifiers to thickening agents, bulking agents and natural sweeteners, our collection of special ingredients has everything you need to start wowing your customers and friends with extraordinary creations. 


We also provide an intuitive range of baking utensils; including moulds, measuring tools, baking mats and so much more. 

Next-Day UK Delivery on Special Molecular Ingredients


All of our special ingredients come with a host of benefits; expertise and advice, next-day delivery and excellent prices to match. 


If you’re looking for the full experience of modernist cooking, check out our full range of equipment. Choose from our N2O Cream Chargers, CO2 Cartridges and N2 Nitrogen Chargers


Order your special ingredients online today and start preserving, enhancing and creating today.