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Sugar Alternatives


Scrumptious Sugar Alternatives


Taste Revolution stock a wide range of sugar alternatives and sugar substitutes for those that have a sweet tooth but are cutting out sugar. Our supply of sugar alternatives is perfect for substitutes for sugar in baking, coffee and tea.


Our sugar substitutes are available across a wide range of common cooking ingredients. From flavoured syrups to topping sauces, you can enjoy all the sugary goodness without any of the sugar.


There are tonnes of substitutes to sugar that can be used to supply your sweet rush; glucose, fructose, stevia and inulin are all great examples of flavourful sugar alternatives. 


Who said you can’t have creativity and flavour without sugar? Have a taste of our yummy gingerbread sugar-free syrups, salted-caramel sugar-free syrups and sugar-free sweeteners. In fact, Monin, Sweetbird and Simply all provide delicious sugar-free substitutes for your favourite scrumptious syrups and sauces.


Sugar Substitutes for Baking, Coffee, Tea Across the UK


Not only are our favourite products sugar-free but also come with next day delivery, could it really get any better than that?

If you’re looking for something to go with your sugar alternatives why not explore our selection of drink ingredients. Coffee pods, smoothie mixes, hot chocolate, frappe mixes - the perfect playgrounds for sugar-free goodness.