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Sweetbird Frappe


Sweetbird Frappe Powders Online


Stun your customers, friends and family with Sweetbird frappe mixes, designed to produce beautifully smooth iced drinks in a fraction of the time. Sweetbird frappe powder is available for commercial as well as residential sale to keep your shelves fully stocked up.


Making a frappe using Sweetbird frappe powders is as simple as, well; 1,2,3. Simply add your Sweetbird frappe mix into a cup, alongside ice and milk, transfer the mixture into a blender and blend away. And there you go, a refreshing iced drink made from Sweetbird frappe powder in a matter of minutes.


Sweetbird Frappe Mixes with Next-Day UK Delivery


Sweetbird has wonderful expansive ranges in all their products, flavoured syrups, iced tea syrups, and Sweetbird frappe mixes are no exception to this. With a wonderful selection of exciting flavours such as caffe, cookies, sticky toffee, cookies and cream, and much more.


Discover the exciting flavours Sweetbird has to offer with their refreshing range of Sweetbird frappe mixes, all with next-day delivery when you order before 5:30pm.