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Sweetbird Syrups

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Sweetbird is a household name known for its syrups, frappe mixes, and iced tea syrups. Back in 2006, Sweetbird Syrups decided to turn the market on its head when it launched its very own range of flavoured syrups.


Sweetbird’s syrups are the perfect means to give an extra kick to your cocktail or coffee without all the extra artificial colours or flavours, providing a great alternative to Monin Syrups, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups and Simply Syrups.


A Delectable Range of Sweetbird Syrups Flavours


Sweetbird syrups are known for exploring new fantastical flavours and tastes. Experience exciting new flavours such as cane sugar, chilli, salted-caramel (sugar-free), winter spice and eggnog. 


Sweetbird Syrups blend perfectly with milk alternatives such as soy or almond milk to create wondrously vegan creations. 


Sweetbird Syrups are anything but lacking in diversity, with our 50 syrups, over cocktail syrups, coffee syrups, iced tea syrups, as well as their own range of sugar-free flavoured syrups. Sweetbird Syrups truly have everything you need and more to create a low-calorie, high flavour creation.