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Thickening Agents

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Natural Food Thickening Agents


Thickening agents or ‘thickeners’ are substances that are added to liquids to thicken and sometimes stabilise liquids. The point of thickening agents is to increase the viscosity of said liquids without substantially changing its other properties such as appearance and taste. 


Edible or food thickening agents are ingredients often added to liquids such as sauces, soups and puddings to increase the thickness without altering the taste. 


There are several types of thickening agents from common ingredients to more ‘special ingredients’. The most common thickening agent is cornstarch, moving down to the more molecular level agents including pre-gelatinized starches, arrowroot, agar-agar, algin (sodium alginate), tapioca flour, gelatin, gum arabic, and pectin. 

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